Writing Coaching for Authors


You’ve worked so hard to become an author – but you’re wondering if you have what it takes to complete the book and get it published.


If you haven’t tried a professional writing coach, now may be the perfect time! A published author, Rose knows what it takes to complete the job and to get that book in the hands of interested readers.


To learn more, contact 585.388.6799 or RBEricson1@gmail.com.

left quote “Rose understands what I’m trying to say in my writing and pulls it all together into a more coherent, stronger, better article. She gets the gestalt right. She extracts from a piece its essence and forms strong conclusions. She has a good sense of words and word order. With her coaching, I’ve learned to write stronger endings, and I’m moving closer to my goal of having a coherent set of pieces that can be shaped into a book.” — Samuel Doctors, Ph.D., JDA, retired professor and author, "Reflections" right quote
left quote “Rose’s editing of my 250-page manuscript … helped me to clarify my ideas, see the holes in my thought process and make corrections as needed.” — Patricia Ann Russell, president and CEO,
The Russell Consulting Group, Inc.,
training and consulting
right quote