What Our Clients Are Saying

left quote “I call upon Rose when I have a tough or important writing assignment. I’m thrilled with her grasp of our goals for a communication; her exacting writing standards; and how she can interview someone and pull out the salient and marketable points. A pleasure to work with, Rose is flexible and a good virtual-team player. I look forward to working with her again.” — Kathleen Leach, chief marketing officer,
Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC
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left quote “Rose’s writing and support allow me to use my time where my strengths are. … She works hard to understand my priorities and to make them her own. … I trust her completely, and I know that when she says I can have something by a certain date, she really means it. … Rose will make you more profitable. She’ll make your chances of succeeding greater.” — Carol Wittmeyer, Ed.D., Carol Wittmeyer, Ed.D., interim dean, School of Business,
St. John Fisher College; family business fellow, Cornell University; and professor emerita, St. Bonaventure University
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left quote “I am excited about my new website. Thanks to Rose and Paul, it was painless for me! Working with them this past year has been a great experience — so peaceful and calming. They are a great team, and I hope I can steer artist friends their way.” — Lanna Pejovic, fine artist, LannaPejovic.com. right quote
left quote “Rose has a thoughtful, methodical way of getting information out of people. Her questions can be sharper-edged and yet non-threatening, which is important in our industry. She connected well with our clients and treated them the way we like them to be treated – respectfully and with professionalism. She immersed herself in learning about our work and our clients, and came across as someone who knew what she was talking about. That made us look good.” — Mutiu Fagbayi, president/CEO,
Performance Fact Inc.
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left quote "Rose is stellar at what she does. Her editing of my communications eased the anxiety of resuming my massage therapy practice amid the pandemic. Her guidance allowed me to project confidence and clarity while reassuring clients about my thorough safety measures." — Kevin Brunelle LMT, Fairport, NY right quote
left quote “Over 10 years working together, I have found Rose Ericson to be a true professional. Her writing and research skills are excellent. She can take any topic … and write in a fashion that's clearly understandable. Big-picture concepts are worthless if they are not well communicated; and she does this very well. … She has effectively captured the essence of my opinions without introducing her own.” — James V. D’Amico, author, “The Affluenza Antidote: How Wealthy Families Can Raise Grounded Children in an Age of Apathy and Entitlement,” and retired president and CEO, Genesee Valley Trust Company right quote
left quote “Rose understands what I’m trying to say in my writing and pulls it all together into a more coherent, stronger, better article. She gets the gestalt right. She extracts from a piece its essence and forms strong conclusions. She has a good sense of words and word order. With her coaching, I’ve learned to write stronger endings, and I’m moving closer to my goal of having a coherent set of pieces that can be shaped into a book.” — Samuel Doctors, Ph.D., JDA, retired professor and author, "Reflections" right quote
left quote “Rose’s editing of my 250-page manuscript … helped me to clarify my ideas, see the holes in my thought process and make corrections as needed.” — Patricia Ann Russell, president and CEO,
The Russell Consulting Group, Inc.,
training and consulting
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left quote “Ericson’s writing reflects well-informed and insightful coverage of appropriate issues. 'The Conscious Consumer' accurately sheds light on what is working and what challenges remain. Undoubtedly, readers will walk away with a broader, more comprehensive perspective.” — Heather Zydek, RelevantMagazine.com right quote
left quote “If written communication is a critical part of your business, you have to make sure you’re sending out perfect work. Rose is a real professional – quick, effective, friendly. … Everything our organization does involves communication – articles, proposals, offer letters. Rose’s feedback has helped our organization write more effectively. And the total cost of what I spend with her is less than with many writers I’ve worked with who charge less per hour.” — Doug Johnston, president, Impact4Results LLC right quote
left quote “By bringing her skill set to our collaboration, Rose has enabled me to communicate with my audience far more effectively than I could alone.” — James V. D’Amico, author, “The Affluenza Antidote: How Wealthy Families Can Raise Grounded Children in an Age of Apathy and Entitlement,” and retired president and CEO, Genesee Valley Trust Company right quote
left quote “Rose was a very engaged and helpful director of FTRN's board. In particular, she created the content and shaped the development of our signature publication, 'The Conscious Consumer.' From research, to writing, to marketing, Rose provided important leadership and contributed her talent and skills over the course of several editions. She was easy to work with and always on task and on time.” — Jackie DeCarlo, former executive director,
Fair Trade Resource Network
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