Customized Writing Coaching:
Who Benefits?


Writing coaching is a customized, confidential process that respects and builds on the skills and knowledge that every writer possesses.


After just a few sessions, learners typically report feeling:


  • Relieved to begin using their writing time more effectively.
  • Encouraged that more of their writing is generating satisfying responses.
  • Confident and enthusiastic to be building their toolkit of immediately useful techniques.


With more than 30 years of experience as an editor, researcher, author and writing analyst, Rose deeply understands the writing process and the vital connection between clear thinking and quality writing.


By first discerning the learner’s needs and goals, Rose guides the writer through a rigorous, supportive process that quickly delivers measurable results. She also provides ongoing support as needed.


To learn how writing coaching can quickly help you become more effective on the job – or can help you finish writing that book – call 585.388.6799 or write

left quote “A writing coach is so much more effective for me than taking a class. … I used to be embarrassed to admit that writing assignments took me forever to complete. I would agonize over a piece, knowing that once I put it out on the web or sent it to a client, my incompetence would be revealed. … With Rose as my writing coach, I’m finally able to put to paper articles that I’ve been writing in my head for months. She uses my work assignments to identify my writing issues and create assignments that get me moving in the right direction. Rose has helped me to organize my ideas and focus on one at a time. Using the ‘recipe’ that she designed just for me, I can complete articles quickly without being bogged down by unrelated ideas. … The combination of phone calls, e-mails and in-person meetings really helps me stay with the program and meet my deadlines.” — Karen Hyder, managing director, Kaleidoscope
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, and co-author,
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